The woman and the gym is often a combination of difficult symbiosis because boredom often reigns...
2018-12-02 23:39:44
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The woman and the gym is often a combination of difficult symbiosis because boredom often reigns supreme. The errors of many of us is to think that the woman is not able to express strength , resistance and important physical qualities, equal to man, and it is for this reason that very often we see the fair sex lift of negligible weights with consequent boredom and dissatisfaction 'dissatisfaction with the environment, the world of weight lifting and fitness in general, which instead could create the basis for an optimal and healthy psychophysical state.
I wanted to go deeper into this topic because in the course of my experience I often found myself training women who discovered, at the end of their training paths to be able to do almost unimaginable things , it's It was a continual discovery that perhaps beyond dumbbells and barbells there could be something more interesting and stimulating.
The most common requests when I find myself at a first professional approach with a woman in the gym are the following:
1. I would like the more toned and high buttock ;
2. I would miss this little piece of inner thigh ;
3. I would lose weight 10 kg in 2 weeks
4. I want to tone but also lose weight (balance ??)
5. Not I want to have huge muscles.
I have tried to encompass all the disparate requests that are often made to us and we, professionals in this world, sometimes ill-treated but always fascinating, try to give misleading answers. I would like to deepen the request number 5:
In a woman, proving consistent hypertrophy is not at all easy, in fact, the hormonal kit is lacking to provoke a significant hypertrophy of the muscle. The amount of anabolic hormones is less than that of man 10 to 30 times , don't be fooled by the body builder women you see on TV ... theirs is a different story.
I will now try to show you the most important exercises for women in the gym but first I will list the subjects we can meet among our students.
Subjects belong to this category and tend to accumulate fat in the upper middle part of the body, mainly male, have high levels of insulin and cortisol, which cause fat accumulation. They are however active subjects and they respond well to a correct nutrition from a physical point of view. They are also particularly subject to cardiovascular risks, poor digestion and gastrointestinal diseases .
Regarding physical activity if the goal is weight loss is preferable to do the morning activity , on an empty stomach, after drinking a glass of water or two, preferably with apple vinegar; If you want to tone your muscles better train in the evening .
Characteristics: subjects with these physical characteristics usually have high levels of cortisol especially in the morning during the night for which a recommended diet is to eat breakfast with adequate quantities and quality of carbohydrates low glycemic index, associated with unsaturated fats. Finally, a proportion of lean proteins, useful for reducing the catabolic effect of cortisol on the muscles, should not be missing.
These subjects accumulate fat mainly in the lower part, ie in the thighs in the buttocks and in the lumbar area. Usually women who have this physical shape often suffer from various types of cellulite .
Usually those with these characteristics tend to have a relatively low metabolism and down a slow circulation ; They are not very active , they frequently follow diets with low-calorie regimes, worsening the situation because sugars are essential to stimulate maintaining a high metabolism and thyroid function. They are also prone to abdominal disorders, bloating and colitis and water retention.
Those with a ginoid trait must have the courage to get out of the logic of eating less, starting a conscious diet that can reactivate the metabolism with the right food and above all at the right time . According to the latest scientific research, the recommended diet for those who have these characteristics are the following:
- breakfast with fruit carbohydrates complex in order to immediately activate the metabolism;
- lunch should be preferred vegetables, whole grains that stimulate the thyroid hormone;
- vegetable and vegetable proteins are recommended at dinner .
Physical activity should be predominantly aerobic without overloading the legs, taking into account toning through the use of weights especially in the upper part of the body. It is difficult to use weights in the lower part because it can easily worsen the situation of water retention and cellulite.
The most important exercises to absolutely increase the metabolism:
to activate the metabolism in a preponderant way it is important that the appropriate exercises are chosen and suitable for the objective. In my experience I have always realized more, that when the woman is put in conditions of fatigue always tries to give the maximum , much more than the man. With this fundamental characteristic I have always chosen to make both the man and the woman work as much as possible with standing exercises by performing basic exercises, with activation of multiple kinematic chains so as to consume more in a single exercise. In order to have what we are looking for in terms of hormonal cascades, the most important exercises for toning are:
The first three exercises are a MUST for the limbs lower and that should never be missing in a training card . The other two exercises are also fundamental for the success of a good training program. The thing that unites them all is that they activate a multitude of synergistic muscles, with really important secondary hormonal responses, as I have already said, and finally guarantee satisfactory and lasting results.
In the next articles we will begin to deal more specifically with the following exercises, with attached demonstration videos. We will demonstrate the correct execution, the type of muscle that will train and finally we will advise the series and the repetitions to do .