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2018-09-25 15:13:51
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align="center" style="margin-bottom: 0.28cm; line-height: 108%"> SUPER-TRAINING: A CONDITION TO AVOID

'' We are more committed to overcoming the so-called" plateau "or stasis condition, to overcome the symptoms of laziness and lack of dedication. In this way, we go from an initial state of super training to an advanced one ''

" Overtraining "or" overtraining "is a condition that is usually accompanied by a state of physical and mental overwork due to the organism's poor ability, in these circumstances, to produce adaptations and responses appropriate to the overall training load. Training is represented by a stress that must necessarily be recovered in order to properly increase performance. For any subject, especially elite athletes, avoiding this syndrome is not always easy, as there are many factors that make it difficult to calculate the right load and recovery schedule. This calculation depends on the age, lifestyle, form and form of execution of the type of exercise.

It is however essential to understand that the recovery time it must be absolutely proportional to the volume to the intensity of the training stimulus, in fact as the intensity is increased through training, it is also necessary to increase the recovery times avoiding training if you are not sure that you have fully recovered from the last work out; it should also be remembered that the larger muscle groups need absolutely different recoveries than the smaller muscle groups, remembering that not all people are the same and that therefore the role of the Personal Trainer is absolutely fundamental to give the right rhythms and the right methods allenanti.

Now let's see what the symptoms are important and the causes of overtraining:

The causes which lead to this condition of chronic stress are often to be found, with regard to training, in exercises that have an excessive number of series, frequency and duration of work sessions. A work done at maximum level creates enormous fatigue, metabolic and psychological stress that becomes excessive if performed more than twice a week.

It should also be remembered that in the list of the cause lead overtraining must be included also the feeding, in fact a lack or a food imbalance can contribute to the progress of this annoying condition.

The main symptoms by which to recognize super-training :

1) fall per fraction with decrease of power;

2) decrease in concentration motivation;

3) appearance of a state of anxiety that involves the athlete during training;

4) resting heart rate and the pressure tend to rise;

5) there is often a certain difficulty to falling asleep and sleep is disturbed;

6) at the behavioral level the athlete shows greater irritability and less tolerance;

7) increase in chronic pain and microtraumas ;

What to do in super training:

If you are in the presence of some of the symptoms listed above it is absolutely necessary to reduce the intensity or suspend the training for at least one or two weeks . Then you can go back to the gym and start the workout with a shorter program with reduced loads until the symptoms have disappeared afterwards, always keeping perfect the exercise, you have to try to gradually return loads that were used in the previous sessions.