Bi-Personal Training

 Bi-personal training

In summary

 Do you have a friend and want to share your training with her?
More and more people join in a small group, from 2 to 5 individuals , to rely on a personal trainer and get trained.
We've also thought about this!
The MPTraining-bipersonal service is normally performed in the gym, in free rooms, or outdoors.
This is to ensure the possibility for all participants to train together and perform a workout that is always and in any case effective and creative.
More and more parents are choosing to entrust their children to a personal trainer, so that, as a group with other teenagers, they can perform targeted physical movement.
Seniors, on the other hand, can benefit enormously from a couple of hours a week of activities aimed at their characteristics.
The MPraining -bi personal system has very favorable prices with a high quality of mental and physical work, in fact at the cost of 25 euros per person instead of '30 it is possible to join to our training system.