Personalized training

The movement is an expression of human capacity and therefore contributes to its development, so sponsoring its implementation can mean stimulating progress. The ever-increasing development of fitness centers throughout our territory has led to a higher quality of training in itself and above all to the optimization of time to reach it. This combination of these characteristics highlights, in many cases, the need for particular attention in planning a physical activity that is, after an accurate evaluation, personalized to the individual subjects. Often in environments such as gyms the new member is literally abandoned to himself ... at the mercy of his false convictions accrued due to short-sighted advertising or, even more worrying, the customer is left at the mercy of any execution errors of the exercises, with the aggravating circumstance of creating serious injuries or in the best case the subject will lose the interest in the activity carried out due to hoped for results that never arrive.
Even for the most experienced and constant fitness center users, a recent statistical survey has confirmed that the continuous assistance of a Personal Trainer allows to obtain qualitatively faster and higher results . By entrusting yourself to us you will have the opportunity to have CONTINUOUS ASSISTANCE in your workouts, with fixed weekly appointments that will quickly take you to improve your HEALTH state and make you live in full form. Having a personal trainer by your side, improving the technique of your exercises, planning your workouts, recording progress or simply remembering the moment and sharing it with others is becoming increasingly common in sports. For all those who feel the need to lose a few rolls too much, lose weight fast or for those who want to shape legs and buttocks or increase their muscle mass, we have everything we need, or a specific programming and constant evaluation in time .
And if: your desire to play sports is great but your desire to start a business falters because it all seems like a race? Run to go get the kids to school, run because you're late for work, run to be able to do the shopping before the supermarket closes? Do you work at least ten hours a day? Don't you even have time to see your friends so sport is just a dream for you? We have the answer to your questions! Know that practicing a bit of sport is even more important for you to dispose of work stress. Schedule an hour in the gym or go running: you will work with less fatigue, you will see how much sport is important to you and you will find time to turn off the computer for at least an hour and dedicate yourself to your new hobby!
WE WILL NOT KEEP YOU WHOLE DAYS IN GYM, BASTANO 45 MINUTES AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK Get up early, don't you think? Well, while everyone sleeps, dedicate an hour to yourself and your body . It's the best way to start the day right. CAN WE FOLLOW YOU FROM 7:00 AM TO 23:00 PM Don't you think you have the strength to manage all your commitments during the week and go to train? Just thinking about you? It's not a problem! During the weekend he devotes a few hours to sports activities. After a while , you will feel so tonic and agile that it will be natural for you to schedule an hour of sport even during week ! YOU CAN FIX YOUR WORKOUT EVEN ON SATURDAY
And for women married to children? Do children usually play in the room on Saturday afternoons while your husband takes a nap? Change family habits and organize your outdoor training! You will do sport together and the whole family will have fun! Our MISSION has always appeared clear to our eyes: we have always put real people first with REAL OBJECTIVES and NEEDS , we have laid bare their CHALLENGES with themselves, in search of a physical form that leads to their #BENESSERE!

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