Indoor training - outdoor training


The gym will be your city ! Research shows that outdoor exercise influences your psychophysical well-being . Beach, mountains, countryside, city or even at home ... you just have to have imagination and will! Summer is the time of the year that allows us to leave the comfort of our home, get away from the stress of work and enjoy the fresh air to walk, socialize or make the most of the climate. Indoor training is always a must for all those who approach personalized training with the personal trainer in the fitness center because, thanks to the exile of the machines, they are able to increase muscle mass optimally. But we want to go further: we want to give your monitored training an extra touch. This season it is normal to see more people training outdoors, but at the same time there are others who do it in the gym. Each type of exercise has its advantages and it all depends on what you like or what you need . Here comes the idea of ​​ outdoor training. More and more customers are asking us to train outside the hotel, to lose weight fast, increase their muscle mass and tone their legs and buttocks, because they feel the need to be able to breathe pure air and to be able to experience the places and the open spaces of our city with the movement . To give you the most incredible experience, our workouts are characterized by functional exercises, especially free-weight, postural and circuit exercises, with the help of sandbags, sand balls, ropes, ropes, revoring rubber bands and rings etc., these will be the sufficient tools to carry out your training session.

Have a personal trainer by your side, improve the technique of the exercises performed, plan workouts, record progress or simply remembering the moment and sharing it with others is becoming increasingly common in outdoor sports. Outdoor training is the new frontier of fitness more and more customers are asking me to train in the park near my home rather than on the beach or in the mountains.

Let's start by specifying the results that can be achieved with this type of training:

1) psychologically yes assists an increase in chemicals such as endorphins , hormones that give sense of well-being and contentment, taking away the stress accumulated in the office.

2) from the point of view of aesthetic results there is a reduction in fat mass and an increase in muscle tone , in some cases we also have muscular hypertrophy

3) from the respiratory point of view, fresh air at room temperature and not rarefied air and conditioning of the air-conditioned in the various fitness centers.

Our MISSION has always appeared clear to our eyes: we have always put real people in the foreground with #REALS # OBJECTIVES and NEEDS, we have laid bare their CHALLENGES with themselves, looking for a physical form that leads to their #BENESSERE!